The Ninja

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Real Identity: Kyodai Ken
Appearances (BTAS): Night of the Ninja and Day of the Samurai
Skills: Martial Arts and Theft
Voiced By: Bob Ito

Kyodai Ken was once a star pupil of Yoru-Sensei, a top martial artist in Japan. Kyodai's code of ethics and values were dishonorable and he often used his skills to steal. Kyodai found a less than worthy rival in the form of a foreigner named Bruce Wayne. One night, Kyodai attempted to steal Yoru's prized sword but he was confronted by Wayne. Yoru investigated the commotion and expelled Kyodai from his dojo. He left and resettled in the city, somewhere in the Uramachi District. Kyodai contracted himself as the Ninja, a master thief.

After all those years, Kyodai still wanted revenge against Wayne and traveled to Gotham City. As the Ninja, he began committing strings of corporate sabotage on seven Wayne Cosmetics branches. Batman eventually intervened and when he displayed his stance, Kyodai realized Batman was Bruce Wayne. He kidnapped Wayne, and indirectly, Summer Gleeson after a Gotham Charities Reception. Wayne couldn't fight Kyodai or he would compromise himself in front of Gleeson, who was off and on investigating Batman's secret identity. Luckily, Robin followed Kyodai and restricted Gleeson's view. Wayne fought and overpowered Kyodai. Instead of surrendering, Kyodai dove into a nearby river and escaped.

Kyodai returned to Japan and became intent on learning Yoru's ultimate technique, the Kiba no Hoko's (Way of the Fang) Onemori Touch. It is capable of killing a man in a single blow. Kyodai blackmailed his way into finding the location of the hidden scrolls containing the technique instructions. Time had made the scrolls fragile, and they fell apart upon contact. Kyodai still managed to learn the touch. He kidnapped Alfred and lured Wayne to Mount Kijiki for a final showdown. Kyodai used the touch but it failed. Wayne found Kyodai's hideout and wore a protective pad to defend the death point. Kyodai accepted defeat and died in a volcanic eruption.