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Real Identity: Gale
Affiliation(s): Nightbreed
Appearances (SS): Army of Darkness
Powers/Skills: Dark Matter Manipulation
Voiced By: Colleen O'Shaughnessey

Gale and Marta were best friends and lived in Dakota City. They were present at the Gate 10 docks when the Big Bang happened. Gale developed the power to manipulate and absorb dark matter, an elemental mist. Unable to return to her family, Gale joined a new one; Nightbreed. She took on the name Nightingale and used her powers to help the team infiltrate places they robbed for supplies. When Ebon joined, she and Brickhouse were skeptical. Seeing her powers in action, Ebon suggested they find a way to make more dark matter and blanket Dakota City in it. They would be able to live on the surface like before the Big Bang. Their fears were realized when Ebon broke his promise and tried to kill Static and Gear. Nightingale intervened and was shoved into the range of floodlights. While Gear attempted to shut down the Blackout Box, Nightingale absorbed the synthetic dark matter and survived. It is unknown if Nightingale was cured by Dr. Todd or not, weeks later.