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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (SS): Army of Darkness
Powers/Skills: Various
Voiced By: Various

After the Big Bang in Dakota City, several dozen metahumans also developed a weakness to light and ocular mutation that makes their eyes glow in the dark. They retreated to unlit places in order to survive and mainly lived underground, away from conventional society. During chance encounters, these Bang Babies were met with fear and distrust. These emotions were swiftly returned, and the Nightbreed kept to themselves. New bonds and families were formed. Among the 50 or so, one such family included Brickhouse, Nightingale, Fade, and Tech. Like most, they would steal to survive.

During a theft, they encountered Ebon and welcomed him to the fold. Ebon began to influence them and proposed a bold plan to turn all of Dakota City dark, forever. Using a device to expel synthetic dark matter from the center of the city, the Nightbreed could take back their lives and Ebon would lead them. The late night robberies eventually caught Static's attention and he began to patrol later. He and Gear convinced the Nightbreed of Ebon's treachery and saved the city. Not wanting to trade one dark world for another, they retreated back underground but announced an alliance with Static and Gear whenever they needed help. It is unknown if they were able to avoid Dr. Todd's cure for Bang Babies or not.

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