Susan Maguire and Michael

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Real Identity: Susan Maguire and Michael
Appearances (BTAS): Chemistry
Powers: Pheremones and Super Strength
Voiced By: (Susan Maguire) Linda Hamilton and (Michael) Tim Matheson

Susan Maguire and Michael were the latest of Poison Ivy's human-plant hybrids. The process was refined so they remained human in appearance for a longer amount of time. After being grown in Ivy's lab, the hybrids were doused with pheremones to attract the opposite sex and they would act as the perfect partner. Michael became Veronica Vreeland's fourth husband and even took on her surname. Susan Maguire became Bruce Wayne's wife. In the next phase of her plan, all of the newlyweds would book a yacht cruise, where she'd ambush them in open water and steal from them. The facade wass unveiled and Batman, Batgirl and Robin used trichloroethane to destroy all of the hybrids.