Mr. York

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Real Identity: Mr. York
Affiliation(s): Alva Industries
Appearances (SS): Aftershock and Junior
Powers/Skills: Armed Combat and Espionage
Voiced By: Adam Baldwin

Mr. York is an employee and trusted conspirator of Edwin Alva. York's main tasks appear to be corporate cover-ups and overseeing illegal sales. When the Big Bang broke out and citizens began to question the Mayor's delayed investigation, Alva ordered York to save all data on the Quantum Vapor formula and shipping records on disc then delete them from the hard drive in the main laboratory. Static arrived, in search of evidence to incriminate Alva. York attacked with a palm-sized laser weapon and trapped Static in a glass tube. He escaped by energizing the air pressure and stole the disc. Some time later, York was present at a black tie event to dedicate the Edwin Alva Gymnasium addition of the Freeman Community Center. He was reporting on a gun smuggling operation to Alva set to ship off in 1300 hours.