Morgaine Le Fey

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Real Identity: Morgaine Le Fey
Appearances: A Knight of Shadows Part One, Part Two and Kid Stuff
Powers: Various skills in the dark arts.
Family: Mordrid (son), King Arthur (half-brother)
Voiced By: Olivia d'Abo

Morgaine Le Fey, is the same Morgaine from the old Arthurian myth. Morgaine has survived for centuries, she desires to seek out the Philosopher's stone which has the power to restore Camelot and put her son on the throne.

Her various powers and skills have allowed her to remain alive for centuries, still in pursuit of the one thing she needs. Many years ago, she used her manipulative abilities and illusions to kill Jason Blood. Morgaine's determination to acquire what she most desires is quite astounding.

Recently, her son, Mordred, became sick of her overbearingness and used magic against her. In the end, when her child failed at his tasks, she vowed to take care of him in the feeble state he had gained.