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Real Identity: Mordrid
Appearances: A Knight of Shadows Part One, Part Two and Kid's Stuff
Powers/Skills: Force blasts, Limited Immortality, Black Magic/ Swordsmanship
Family: Morgaine Le Fay (mother), King Arthur (father)
Voiced By: Soren Fulton

The son of Morgaine Le Fey, Mordred is sustained by his mother's magic, leaving him in the form of a child despite he being centuries old. He agreed to this pact because of his mother's promise to secure him Camelot. In the 21st century, Mordred's patience reached its limit and he betrayed his mother and took the Amulet of First Magic and altered reality, banishing all the adults to an alternate dimension. Soon, Mordred absorbed the amulet's powers and he also exhibited the power to create anything from nothing, animation of objects, size control and binding. Batman managed to trick Mordred into accelerating his own age to an adult, breaking his mother's pact and effectively leaving him and old and harmless. Mordred is now a powerless immortal, remaining in the care of his doting mother.