Mirror Master

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Real Identity: Samuel Scudder
Affiliation(s): Legion of Doom
Appearances: Eclipsed Part One(actor), Flash and Substance and the Great Brain Robbery
Skills: Laser pistol, Mirror Gun and holograms
Voiced By: Alexis Denisof

While tinkering in a Central City Prison workshop, Sam Scudder discovered how to create realistic holograms with mirrors. Scudder made a daring jail break. After mastering all types of reflective properties and creating devices, Scudder became a costumed criminal called the Mirror Master. He became a villain of the Flash's.

When the Flash was working in television commercials, three of his villains were portrayed by actors. One of them was Mirror Master who used a trademark device that turned his opponent's own reflection against them.

Mirror Master was one of four super villains that banded together to get revenge on the Flash. Originally, they decided to attack him one at a time. Mirror Master lured the Flash to the abandoned Skate Central club with a hologram projection of lost girl. Mirror Master then initiated his 'Disco of Doom' death trap using a Disco Ball rigged with laser beams. The Flash escaped and set off to accept the Key to Central City. Captain Boomerang, Captain Cold and Mirror Master decided to ambush Flash at his museum opening. Since Batman removed all reflective surfaces from the museum, the trio would have to enter from the Mirror Dimension via someone else. That someone else was reporter, Linda Park who opened her compact mirror and unwittingly allowed them to enter. The three were defeated. As Mirror Master tried to escape in one of his mirrors, Batman shattered it and stranded him temporarily.