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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (SS): The Breed, Sons of the Fathers, Bad Stretch, Gear, She-Back!, and Power Outage
Powers/Skills: Various
Voiced By: Various

After the Big Bang, Ebon formed the Meta-Breed, a collection of Bang Baby metahumans to serve as his personal army. Ebon's first recruits and most loyal allies are Talon and Shiv. The Meta-Breed's first base of operations was the old Milestone Street Station below Milestone and Hill Street. Ebon planned to conduct various thefts and robberies and build up a criminal empire to take over Dakota City. His third recruit was Derek Barnett and fourth, Static. However, Static rejected the offer and fought them while they robbed a late night money transfer at the Dakota Sportsman shop. Now a sworn enemy of the gang, Static infiltrated their hideout and convinced Barnett to quit. Together, they overcame the Meta-Breed and escaped.

Soon after, the Meta-Breed resurfaced and robbed patrons at Dakota Mall. Static defeated them and unveiled his Nova Ball attack. Talon was arrested but Ebon soon discovered Static's connection to Richie Foley. Ebon kidnapped him in Ferris Row and demanded a trade. Instead of agreeing to the terms, Static, RObert Hawkins, and Sean Foley attacked the Meta-Breed at a squat in the north end of the neighborhood. A few weeks later, Carmen Dillo was the fifth and Aquamaria was the sixth recruit to the Breed. For her initiation, she had to rob the Dakota Downs track during a race. However, she was defeated by Rubberband Man and was taken into custody. The rest of the Meta-Breed were arrested after a failed theft at Dakota Electronics. Ebon escaped and impersonated Rubberband Man during the jail break at Metahuman Wing A. He planned on both freeing his gang and manipulating Rubberband Man into joining him. Static discovered the ruse and revealed it during the next confrontation, the day after.

Months later, Talon and Shiv recruited Kangor to aid them in extracting Ebon from Metahuman Wing A at police headquarters. After regrouping at an abandoned Dakota Juvenile Detention Center, Ebon assigned the Meta-Breed to searching for Richie Foley at a local high school, which would indirectly lead them to Static. They settled on Virgil Hawkins and kidnapped him. Hawkins realized they were waiting for him to implicate himself so he bidded his time. Meanwhile, Foley took his new inventions and improvised a costume in order to save his friend. After hacking into their security camera system and inserting a false loop of Hawkins, Foley and Static defeated the Meta-Breed.

Many months later, Madelyn Spaulding discovered her new power of telekinesis and sought to destroy Static once and for all. She broke out Ebon, Talon, and HotStreak from the Metahuman Wing and took over Meta-Breed as leader. They captured She-Bang and used her to lure Static and Gear to a junk yard for a final battle. However, She-Bang manipulated Ebon into fighting Spaulding for control of the gang. As Static and Gear arrived, the rest of the gang was defeated. Eventually, the Meta-Breed was disbanded when Dr. Todd's cure turned every Bang Baby back into a normal human. Ebon wouldn't accept it and stole a cannister of Quantum Vapor from Dr. Todd. He planned to release it aboard the S.S. Cheng and cause a second Big Bang. Those that wanted in had to pledge their allegiance and join his Meta-Breed. Shiv, HotStreak, Slipstream, Boom, and Tamara Lawrence arrived. Ebon also forced Talon to participate but she questioned his cowardice in the matter. HotStreak took advantage of the situation and stole the Vapor.

It was set off in the ship's Quarantine Hall. Ebon and HotStreak were overexposed and fused into a giant monster. Static and Gear fought and defeated it but the fate of the others is unknown. Dr. Todd probably unleashed a second dose of the cure and returned any back to human again, except Static and Gear.

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