Maxie Zeus

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Real Identity: Maxie Zeus
Appearances (BTAS): Fire From Olympus
Skills: Underworld Activity
Voiced By: Steve Suskind

Maxie Zeus was the head of Maximillion Shipping in Gotham City. Zeus suffered from pride and began to smuggle goods for the mob. The pressures of catering to the underworld led to a mental breakdown. Zeus fashioned himself as an avatar of the supreme Greek god, Zeus. His condo, stretching high above Gotham was his Mount Olympus. He also began to brandish a prop thunderbolt that could emit an electrical charge. Zeus' aspirations began to climb. He stole the federal government's EDC (Electron Discharge Cannon) and planned to assert Gotham as his private domain. Zeus was so deluded that not even his girlfirend, Clio could completely convince Zeus to stop. He soon met Batman, who he referred to as Hades. Batman later infiltrated Zeus' complex and tried to overload the EDC with Zeus' thunderbolt rod. He lept after it and electrocuted himself unconscious. Zeus was incarcerated at Arkham Asylum, a place he realized was the real Mount Olympus, teamed with its own pantheon of personas.