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Real Identity: Mantis
Appearances: Question Authority and Alive!
Powers: Super strength, Flight, Energy Absorption, Thermal Touch, Frigi-Block and Anti-Matter Blasts
Voiced By: J.K. Simmons

Mantis, himself, can possibly be more powerful than his master, Darkseid. Yet, his own megalomaniac personality limits him to the status of a mere agent of Apokolips. Darkseid tolerates Mantis' insolence as long as he aids Darkseid's own personal quest to find the solution of the Anti-Life Equation. In some circles, the solution is rumored to be hidden on Earth.

Mantis' origins are a mystery but points towards being a member of the race of 'bugs' that live in the underground caverns of New Genesis in neutrality. Mantis, however, wants nothing more than power and seeks to conquer planets for his own gain. Mantis has a wide array of powers. Besides his inherent super strength and flight; Mantis can absorb any power source, possesses a thermal touch (which generates intense heat), frigi-block (which imprisons victims in ice) and can destroy anything with an anti-matter blast.

Mantis arrived on Earth amidst the civil war that was raging on his home base of Apokolips. Proceeding to take over Metropolis first, Mantis fought the likes of Superman and Captain Atom. Superman used Mantis' Mother Box against him and Captain Atom blasted Mantis through the Boom Tube to Apokolips. To prevent Mantis from returning, Superman managed to snatch his Mother Box and destroyed it. Mantis joined the side of Virman Vunderbarr in Apokolips' civil war.