The Manhunters

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Real Identity: The Manhunters
Appearances: In Blackest Night Part One and Part Two
Powers: Robots
Voiced By: James Remar (lead Manhunter)

Created by the guardians of Oa, they were sophisticated android robots designed to bring law and order to the universe. It was discovered that they had a flaw, which meant that they could not tell the difference between right and wrong. The Manhunters were reprogrammed for custodial work while the Green Lantern Corps took over.

The Manhunters defied their programming and tried to gain control of the central battery of Oa. They recruited Kanjar-Ro to lure a Green Lantern into a trap that would incriminate him. The Manhunters planned that the majority of Guardians of Oa would be lured to the trial and weaken the planet's defenses. The lead Manhunter absorbed the powers of the Central Battery but soon became bound to it. Green Lantern, John Stewart was able to use the Green Lantern oath to subvert the Manhunter's control and restore power to Oa.