Steven Mandragora

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Real Identity: Steven Mandragora
Appearances: Double Date
Powers: Super Strength, Near Invulnerability
Voiced By: Glen Shadix

Born an albino giant, Steven Mandragora grew up to become an organized crime lord. Mandragora formerly worked for Franco Bertinelli, a powerful East Coast crime lord. However, Mandragora became tired of being just Bertinelli's hitman and doing the dirty work. Mandragora killed Bertinelli and his wife on their estate and took control of the Bertinelli Mafioso.

While on a recent trip to his home country overseas, Mandragora's son Edgar was kidnapped by a rival criminal organization. While his men rescued Edgar and executed members of the rival mob, Mandragora bided his time under federal custody posing as a plea bargain witness. All the while he secretly arranged an early retirement to raise his son with illegal funds he gathered in a Cayman Island account. However, the Bertinelli survivor, Helena grew up to become Huntress and recently decided it was the time to get her revenge on Mandragora for killing her parents. Along with the Question, Huntress tracked Mandragora to a safe house where he had already fled, then Question discovered Mandragora was heading to the docks. Upon discovering Mandragora had a son, Huntress decided not to kill him and instead knocked him unconscious with a pile of steel girders hanging overhead. Mandragora was arrested and taken back into custody.


Real Identity: Cecil
Appearances: Double Date
Skills: None
Voiced By: Steve Schirripa

Cecil is one of Steven Mandragora's right hand men. Cecil is a seemingly nice guy as far as mobsters go. However, one of Cecil's ineptitudes is the inability to remember simple things such as cooking directions. Nonetheless, Cecil is an inept person and the reason why Mandragora keeps such a man close at his side is a mystery in itself. While guarding Mandragora's estate, he was easily ensnared by one of Huntress' arrows. Along with his partner Tony, Cecil escorted Mandragora from the federal safe house to the waterfront to rendezvous with a freighter carrying Mandragora's son Edgar. Cecil and Tony were taken out by one of Green Arrow's bola arrows.

After Steven Mandragora was arrested, Cecil was seen in custody as well.


Real Identity: Tony
Appearances: Double Date
Skills: None
Voiced By: Joe Nipote

Tony is Steven Mandragora's other right hand man. Tony is an impatient person yet still is inseparable from the bane of his existence, Cecil. Tony is also more perceptive than Tony when it comes to stake outs. Tony is the more capable of the duo and is more useful by far. Tony initially sensed Huntress snooping around Mandragora's estate but was easily taken out by her. Tony and Cecil later posed as police officers and reunited with Mandragora to take him to the waterfront to meet the freighter with Mandragora's son Edgar onboard. Tony and Cecil were taken by surprise when Green Arrow knocked them out from behind with a bola arrow.

After Steven Mandragora was arrested, Tony was seen in custody as well.