Man Bat

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Real Identity: N/A
Appearances (BTAS): On Leather Wings and Terror in the Sky
Powers: Super Strength, Flight and Echo Location
Voiced By: Marc Singer

Man Bat is a half-human, half-bat monstrosity. The zoologist, Dr. Kirk Langstrom created the serum and transformed into the Man Bat, a separate persona. The serum became too expensive to constantly synthesize. Man Bat began to commit a series of pharmaceutical thefts that falsely implicated Batman. At the scene of the crime, Phoenix Pharmaceuticals, Batman found a recording of Man Bat's screech and tracked it to the Gotham Zoo. Batman soon deduced Langstrom was the Man Bat, and witnessed his transformation. A high flying chase through Gotham City followed. Batman knocked the Man Bat unconscious then took it to the Bat Cave and created an antigen.

Langstrom was ashamed of his addiction and reformed. However, his partner and father-in-law, Dr. March held onto the research and began to refine the mutagen. March spent long hours in his lab and dropped a sample when he was surprised by his daughter, Dr. Francine Langstrom. She was unaware of his experiments and cleaned up the mess. Langstrom cut her finger on a glass shard and was infected with the serum. Unknowingly, she transformed into the Man Bat and began scavenging for food during the late hours. Her husband began to question if the serum was not completely flushed out of his body and began running tests. Francine believed it and planned to divorce him and leave Gotham. In mid-flight, she transformed into Man Bat and took Kirk with it. Batman and Kirk Langstrom confronted the Man Bat for the last time and restored Francine Langstrom to normal.