Ma Mayhem and Co.

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Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances (BB): The Eggbaby
Skills: Theft
Voiced By: Kathleen Freeman (Ma), Mark Rolston (Carl) and Andy Dick (Slim)

Ma Mayhem was once part of a criminal duo with her now estranged husband. The tabloids named the master thieves as they went on a spree to steal a jewelry set. The two were stopped by Batman but only Ma Mayhem went to prison. Over the years, their sons grew to be criminals, as well. Their father ran off with another woman and abandoned his family.

Decades later, when Mayhem was released, she and her sons went after the jewelry set, which was now scattered across Gotham City: in a personal collection, part of an estate sale and at the Museum of Fashion. She mostly relied on her son's skills to commit the crimes, Slim, for his inventions (magno-bombs, sand gun and camoflauge car) and Carl for his strength. Though hampered by a class project, Batman still defeated the trio.