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Real Identity: Mala
Appearances (STAS): Blasts From the Past Part One, Part Two and Absolute Power
Powers: Same as Superman's
Voiced By: Leslie Easterbrook and Sarah Douglas

Over 20 years ago, Mala was the second in command of planetary defenses on the planet Krypton. Her superior, High General Jax-Ur staged a coup de tat. Jax-Ur believed that the Council had grown weak and he represented the future of Krypton. An up and coming scientist named Jor-El stopped Jax-Ur's coup. The Council decided that the two would be banished to the Phantom Zone, a dimension where Kryptonians imprisoned dangerous aliens. However, the Council took pity on Mala. They came to the conclusion that she had no choice but to follow her superior's orders and sentenced her to 20 years.

During Superman's and Professor Hamilton's friendship, Superman offered Hamilton access to the contents of his escape pod. They soon came upon the Phantom Zone Projector. Upon viewing the Zone, the heard Mala's plea to be freed. Superman obliged and attempted to usher her into starting a new life on Earth. Mala's ideology of superiority and unrestrained tactics made Superman question his earlier decision to free her. Mala overheard a conversation and stole the Projector from Hamilton. She freed Jax-Ur and together, they set out to take over Earth. After a second Projector was devised and created, Mala and Jax-Ur were relocated to the Phantom Zone.

Years later, two meteors collided near a black hole six light years away from Earth. A rift was created in the Phantom Zone. Jax-Ur and Mala escaped but found themselves in space and nearly exfixiated until a research vessel saved them. The two recovered and took over the planet with an authoritative rule. Earth was still on their minds. They created an armada to take over the planet. Superman investigated the black hole and uncovered their plans. With the help of natives, Jax-Ur and Mala were swept into a gravity well.