Mad Stan

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Real Identity: Stanley Lebowski
Appearances (BB): Rats, Eyewitness and Countdown
Skills: Systems Infiltration, Security Hacking, Armed and Unarmed Combat and Explosives
Voiced By: Henry Rollins

Mad Stan is a Gotham City-based terrorist. He goes on political rants triggered by the news and proceeds to blow something up. With at least 200 aliases, Mad Stan is a systems expert and excels in security and explosives. Somehow, he is frequently in and out of prison. He also owns a Chihauha named Boom Boom.

Claiming the library system was responsible for an information overload, Mad Stan tried to blow it up but was stopped by Batman. During the re-election party, Sam Young was interrupted by Mad Stan. He wired the Grand Hotel ballroom to explode but was stopped by Batman. A vengeful Spellbinder fooled Commissioner Gordon into thinking Batman killed Mad Stan. After Batman was exonerated, Stan was delegated to a hover virtual reality simulation.

When Gotham University hosted a science symposium to exchange ideas on new technology, Mad Stan appeared. He claimed the ideas were old and out of date...that should be blown up. Batman broke up the attack. During his escape, Mad Stan encountered an offline Zeta (disguised as Zee Smith) and thought he stumbled upon a conspiracy. At the same time, the Department of Health raised the fee of pet licenses. Stan decided to rig Zeta with a time bomb and fooled him into going to the Civiv Center to reunite with his friend, Ro. Aboard his boat, Mad Stan sedated himself and left a CD recording for Batman to discover.