Mad Hatter

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Real Identity: Jervis Tetch
Appearances (BTAS): Mad as a Hatter, Perchance to Dream, Joker's Wild, The Worry Men, Trial, Make 'Em Laugh, Over the Edge and Animal Act
Appearances (STAS): Knight Time
Skills: Technology-With Emphasis on Mind Control
Voiced By: Roddy McDowall

Jervis Tetch was a lowly scientist working in Wayne Industries' Research and Development division. Tetch kept the fruits of his findings to himself, a circuitry card able to control animal and human minds utilizing microchips and electrodes. Tetch harbored a crush on his office's secretary Alice whom he envisioned as the lead character of his favorite literature, The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland. When Alice broke up with her long time boyfriend, Tetch tried to woo her, only to discover Billy made up with and proposed to Alice soon after.

In a last ditch effort, Tetch used his mind control card on Alice and reduced her to a mere puppet. Calling herself the Mad Hatter, Tetch kidnapped Alice away to the Gotham Storybookland and assembled his army of mind controlled slaves to face off against Batman. It was no easy task as he programmed the cards to augment strength. Batman realized all he had to do was remove the cards from the victims and they would revert to normal. Mad Hatter was defeated soon after.

For ruining his plans, Mad Hatter became briefly fixiated on Batman. Hatter created a mind control apparatus. After luring Batman into a trap and knocking him unconscious, Hatter used the machine to trap Batman in an ideal world. However, since Hatter refused to unmask Batman, the world soon fell apart and Bruce Wayne soon fought his way back into consciousness and stopped Hatter from killing him.

Mad Hatter's funds began to run dry. In a bid to replenish it, Mad Hatter used his remaining money to flee Gotham to South America where the wealthy socialite Veronica Vreeland was advertised to be visiting. Hatter set up a stand selling Worry Men dolls, a product of the local indigenous people. It was said that by placing the doll under your pillow at night, your stress would be relieved overnight. Hatter implanted the dolls with his own technology and counted on the unwitting Vreeland to distribute the dolls among Gotham's wealthy. Hatter would then subliminally instruct his victims to amass their fortune while his mind controlled henchmen swooped in and took the gains. One of his victims happened to be Bruce Wayne. Hatter amassed $100 million from five people before Batman found his hideout and freed his men.

Over the years, Hatter continued to refine and perfect his technology. He came to a point at which he could control animals from a great distance, even being able to see through the animal's point of view and direct their every move. Hatter infiltrated Haley's Circus as a clown and began to rig the circus animals. Baffling thefts occurred over a six month period before Haley's arrived in Gotham City. The lead animal trainer, Miranda Kane was the only suspect. Kane began to investigate on her own and stumbled upon Hatter's technology. Hatter then took control of all the human performers in preparation for Batman. Hatter still needed close proximity to control human minds, much to his disadvantage. He was caught in the line of a flame thrower, damaging the master control. Hatter attempted to shoot Batman but he was flattened by Peaches, Kane's gorilla.