Mad Dog

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Real Identity: Mike "Mad Dog" McSweeney
Appearances (BTAS): Shadow of the Bat and Shadow of the Bat Part Two
Skills: Underworld Activity
Voiced By: Greg Burson

Mad Dog is a henchman for hire in Gotham City. Mad Dog worked under Two-Face when he planned to install Gil Mason as Commissioner and consolidate all of the city's gangs. As Barbara Gordon began to investigate her father's frame up, she was able to see Mad Dog's face and combed through police records. Gordon, initially, went to Mason to reveal her findings. But, Mad Dog was meeting with Mason at the time. Later, Batman, disguised as Matches Malone, staked out the Stacked Deck and lip read a phone call between Mad Dog and Two-Face. After Two-Face sealed Batman, Robin and Batgirl in a flooding subway tunnel, Mad Dog took part in the fake break out of Commissioner Gordon to further incriminate him. In the aftermath, Mad Dog was arrested.

Years later, Mad Dog was arrested by Detective Harvey Bullock. While he was on a Christmas Eve stake out undercover at Gotham Mayfield's Mall as Santa Claus, Bullock met Mad Dog's young daughter.