Mad Bomber

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Real Identity: Ted Dymer
Appearances (BTAS): Beware the Gray Ghost
Skills: Business, Extortion, Explosives and Technology
Voiced By: Bruce Timm

Ted Dymer, resident of Gotham City, was a vintage toy collector and owner of Yestertoys. Dymer also bought used toys, as well. A constant seller he did business with was Simon Trent, the lead actor from the Gray Ghost series. Dymer's hobby began to bankrupt him (and warp his perception of reality). Using remote control toy cars rigged with explosives, Dymer called himself the Mad Bomber, after the Gray Ghost character. The Mad Bomber was an anyomous extortionist that used the same gimmick. Batman recruited Trent for help in the case. The RC cars were traced back to Dymer. In the confrontation, Dymer's store was gutted in a fire and he was arrested.