Gil Mason

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Real Identity: Gil Mason
Appearances (BTAS): Shadow of the Bat and Shadow of the Bat Part Two
Skills: Underworld Activity
Voiced By: Tim Matheson

Gil Mason was a clean and honest addition to the Gotham City Police Department. Mason aided Commissioner Gordon in a series of busts aimed to take down organized crime. Gordon began to take notice of Mason and even attempted to match him up with his daughter, Barbara Gordon. However, Mason was merely a henchman of Two-Face. After Commissioner Gordon was framed and arrested, Mason would ascend to the position and work secretly in conjunction with Two-Face. In the aftermath, Mason attempted to flee the scene via speedboat. He was pursued by Batgirl and discovered she was Barbara Gordon. The boat crashed and Mason was knocked unconscious. Mason later lapsed into a coma but was indicted. Most likely, Mason awoke with short term memory loss and was jailed.