Edgar Mandragora

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Real Identity: Edgar Mandragora
Affiliation(s): Brain Trust
Appearances (BB): Mindgames
Appearances (TZP): Ro's Gift
Appearances (JLU): Double Date
Powers: Telekinesis, Levitation and Illusion Casting
Voiced By: Brian Tochi/John Rys-Davis

Edgar Mandragora is the son of Steven Mandragora, an American mob boss. While the Mandragora's were in Europe visiting their home country, Edgar Mandragora was kidnapped by a rival mob. While his men extracted Edgar Mandragora, Steven Mandragora bidded his time under federal custody. He misled them that he would cooperate in a plea bargain to testify. Edgar Mandragora was them placed on a freighter headed for an east coast port in the States. Father and son were briefly reunited until Steven Mandragora was incapacitated by the Huntress and arrested. Edgar Mandragora was also taken into custody.

Mandragora, like his father, is an albino oddity and possesses abilities that complement the old adage, "mind over matter." Some 50 years later, Mandragora is involved in a cladestine organization called the Brain Trust, based somewhere in Europe. Their goal is simply, to change the world. Meanwhile, Mandragora mastered several powers such as levitation, illusion casting and telekineisis and can use them simultaneously. However, the Trust means to acheive their goals legally or illegally. With two other associates, Mandragora arrived in Gotham Sity to escort a new and unwilling recruit until they were defeated by Batman.

Mandragora and the Trust later resurfaced in the US Midwest aiming to influence a wide-scale metahuman manifestation. With his powers augmented by Amp, Mandragora flew up to the city's tower and planted a thermal device. When detonated, it would bath the city in radioactive energy and trigger any latent psychic powers. However, Zeta, Ro Rowan, Amp, and Transita defeated Mandragora and the Trust with Schiz' telepathy.