Darcy Mason

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Real Identity: Darcy Mason
Appearances (STAS): Obsession
Appearances (SS): Toys in the Hood
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Strength and Modeling
Voiced By: Nancy Travis and Nicollette Sheridan

Toyman's obsession with creating toys to suite his entertainment led him to the creation of Darcy Mason. She was based off of the retro Darcy doll, completely perfect, the ideal woman. Mason had her own artificial intelligence and began to resent being just another play thing held prisoner. Like most of Toyman's creations, Mason has the capacity to kill. However, Toyman slipped in a failsafe into her programming. She couldn't kill Toyman. Mason fled Toyman's factory hideout and started a new life.

Mason became a feature model for Lana Lang Fashions and was the lead of the swimwear campaign. Mason's public persona soon caught the attention of Toyman. He sent an agent to kidnap Mason at her high end Ridgemont Condominium. Instead, Superman fought off the toy. Lana Lang stumbled upon Mason's secret. Mason then tried to cover up by torching the LL Fashions building. In the end, Superman was eluded by both Toyman and Darcy Mason.

Darcy Mason lived in Dakota City and took a job as a high school teacher named Miss Moore. She gathered spare parts from an abandoned Finnegan's Mannequins warehouse. Eventually, Toyman found her again. Mason convinced Toyman to turn her human in exchange for her love and devotion. Mason had to choose a volunteer. She soon decided on Daisy Watkins, one of the more intelligent students taking her course. Toyman then subjected Watkins and Mason to a transfer machine that resembled a toy oven. The device would scan Daisy's DNA and activate nanites to create a suitable duplicate. Mason's consciousness was then transferred into the body. Static and Superman discovered Mason's parts and traced a serial number, 34567890-12, through Gear's database.

When Superman and Static arrived, the transfer was complete and the duo found two Daisy Watkins'. Superman attempted to discern the two but not even his x-ray vision could distinguish the difference between synthetic and organic. Static used his powers to make the electrical aura of every human in the room visible in order to find the truth. Mason attempted to escape but Toyman programmed another failsafe into Mason. The nanites in her began to liquefy her body and she perished.