Corey Mills

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Real Identity: Sgt. Corey Mills
Appearances (STAS): Prototype
Skills: Law Enforcement
Voiced By: Xander Berkely

Sgt. Corey Mills was the Metropolis Police Department Special Crimes Unit's most decorated officer. Mills was selected to wear the Series Alpha LexCorp Police Battlesuit. The suit was equipped with black light lasers, impact grenade launcher, jet packs and infrared scopes. It also had an integrated unit that connected the wearer's nervous system to the suit.

The battlesuit's creator, John Irons was concerned that the bio feedback was inducing aggression and making Mills increasingly violent and unstable. Lex Luthor ignored Irons' pleas because he was convinced the failsafe jamming device would successfully neutralize the suit. When Mills overcame the failsafe, Superman was forced to use the high voltage wires to overload the suit. Mills went into a rehabilitation process.