Bruno Mannheim

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Real Identity: Bruno "Ugly" Mannheim
Appearances (STAS): Fun and Games, Tools of the Trade, Father's Day and Apokolips...Now! Part One
Skills: Organized Crime
Voiced By: Bruce Weitz

Bruno Mannheim operated by day as a legitimate businessman in Metropolis. That was far from the truth. He was Bruno "Ugly" Mannheim, the head of Intergang, the largest collective of organized crime in Metropolis. Theft, money laundering, bribery, anything you can think of, they've done it. Over a decade ago, Mannheim approached a toymaker and used his factory as a front. When the operation was discovered, the toymaker was used as a scapegoat and died in prison.

The toymaker's son plotted revenge for years. He emerged as the contract killer, Toyman and eventually made his way back to Metropolis and attempted to assassinate Mannheim. Superman intervened and saved him. Daily Planet reporter, Lois Lane wrote an article on Toyman that only garnered some unwanted attention. Superman confronted Toyman and saved both Lane and Mannheim.

Mannheim continued to avoid prosecution and earned the disdain of Metropolis Police Department SCU Officer, Dan Turpin. However, Intergang operations continued to be challenged and dismantled by Superman. During a fit of rage, Mannheim was approached by Kanto, an agent of Darkseid. Mannheim hesitantly accepted the free weapons. He soon found himself defeated and escaped with Kanto, through a Boom Tube.

Mannheim was now a slave of Darkseid, ruler of Apokolips. Darkseid employed him in a bid to take over Earth. Mannheim was transported to the Ayers Island Power Plant where he would activate an incinderary to destroy the cooling system. The resulting nuclear explosion would reach the core of the planet and create burn holes. Earth would be transformed into a second Apokolips. Darkseid left Mannheim to die in the explosion.