Tamara Lawrence

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Real Identity: Tamara Lawrence
Affiliation(s): Meta-Breed
Appearances (SS): The Usual Suspect and Power Outage
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Strength
Voiced By: Ariyah Johnson and Dee Bradley Baker (Monster)

Tamara Lawrence was once a student at Dakota Union High School. She was the girlfriend of Marcus Reed, a juvenile delinquent. When the two broke up, Lawrence went to the gang battle at the Gate 10 docks to confront Reed. He wasn't there and Lawrence gained powers in the Big Bang. Lawrence had a delayed reaction to the Vapor and initially suffered immense pain. She began to wear sunglasses for light sensitivity and couldn't handle loud sounds. She later discovered she could transform into a monster. Now with a means, Lawrence attacked people and places linked to her ex-boyfriend and ruin his recent reform effort. As the monster, she attacked Officer Packard, the police officer who arrested Reed, attacked a former place of employment, the Dakota Autoshow, and Static. She broke stride and destroyed the $6000 sound system of her would-be suitor's car. Static realized the monster was Lawrence and she confessed her plan to Reed. When a nearby carousel's music was played on overload, she collapsed and reverted back to human form.

Lawrence was arrested by the Metahuman Capture Division. About a year later, Lawrence was affected by Dr. Todd's cure. However, instead of reverting back to her human form permanently, she was trapped in her monster one. Lawrence pledged her loyalty to Ebon when he came into possession of Quantum Vapor. It is unknown if Lawrence regained her full power when Ebon and HotStreak set off the Vapor or if she lost them again when Dr. Todd doused Dakota with the cure again.