Martin Labeau

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Real Identity: Martin Labeau
Appearances (STAS): Feeding Time
Skills: Fencing
Voiced By: Robert Patrick

Martin Labeau is an illegal goods fencer in Metropolis. Labeau also has dealings in other rackets. Rudy Jones quickly accumulated a gambling debt that he couldn't payback himself. Labeau convinced Jones to steal several barrels of expensive chemicals from his job site at STAR Labs. The security noticed Labeau and a lowly maintanence worker operating heavy duty machinery and began questioning him. Labeau fled with Jones in a shoot out. The chemicals began to leak out on Jones. Labeau cut his losses and ditched Jones. Shortly after, Jones transformed into the Parasite. He tracked Labeau back to his dockside residence and began draining his energy. Superman intervened and Parasite turned his attention to a better power source.