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Real Identity: Edward Lytener
Appearances (STAS): Target and Solar Power
Appearances (JL): Only a Dream Part One
Skills: Light Spectrum Radiation
Voiced By: Robert Hays

Edward Lytener was an inventor for LexCorp. He also was an informant for Lois Lane and was fired when it was discovered. Before leaving his job, Lytener stole some inventory and operated as a freelancer. He also continued to help Lane on occassion. She never reacted to his subtle advances and he became obsessed with her. Lytener stalked Lane and tried to kill her with his inventions. He was eventually found out and stopped by Superman.

Lytener became fixated on getting revenge on Superman. In prison, he secretly refined his arsenal. His technology could be powered by solar radiation from the red sun spectrum. Lytener took the name Luminus and set out to kill Superman. Lex Luthor took an interest in Lytener's inventions and supplied him with technology for legitimate LexCorp research. Luthor also allowed access to his LexCorp Satellite Communication Network. Luminus devised a force field from the satellites to create a red spectrum. The sun turned red and weakened Superman, due to his dependence on yellow sun radiation.

Years later, Luminus escaped from Stryker's Prison with several other super villains. The break immediately caught the attention of the Justice League. Luminus managed to trap Hawkgirl in an illusionary device and beat the Flash by duplicating himself into dozens of hard light constructs made from laser fields.