Lock Up

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Real Identity: Lyle Bolton
Appearances (BTAS): Lock Up
Skills: Security Systems, Engineering, Depravation and Hand to Hand Combat
Voiced By: Bruce Weitz

Lyle Bolton was a recipient of the Wayne Foundation grant for his expertise in high tech security. Bolton landed a position as head of security for Arkham Asylum. Lyle Bolton implemented unorthodox and inhumane procedures and abused Arkham's patients. When he was reviewed by a board consisting of Mayor Hill, Commissioner Gordon, Dr. Bartholomew and Bruce Wayne, several patients came forward and testified against him. Bolton lost his job and swore revenge.

Six months later, Bolton fashioned himself as Lock Up and began kidnapping people he blamed for the soft policy on Gotham City's psychopath fringe. Before Arkham, Bolton worked on Operation Stonegate aboard the USS Halsey. Batman and Robin tracked Bolton to the decommissioned ship. While Batman fought Lock Up, Robin uploaded a corrupted computer code to crack Lock Up's security system. Lock Up was incarcerated in Arkham Asylum, much to the delight of the current inmate population.