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Real Identity: Unknown
Affiliation(s): None
Appearances (SS): Romeo in the Mix
Powers/Skills: Ability Absorption
Voiced By: David Arquette

A gangmember was transformed into a human leech after the Big Bang in Dakota City. He realized his power was tactile in nature and could temporarily drain the abilities of other metahumans through touch. Calling himself the Leech, he set out to become the most powerful metahuman. Leech's first target was Ebon, whom he imprisoned at an old movie studio. Then, he ambushed HotStreak during a theft at Lewald & Sons Motorcycles. Leech's third target was Talon and he kidnapped her at the scene of a jewelry theft. Leech made a mistake when he thought a costumed Lil' Romeo was Static.

After taking the real Static during a trap on the north end of a roller coaster ride, the four Bang Babies realized the limitation of Leech's power. While Leech tested his new powers and attacked an armored car, he also defeated Gear. Leech deemed Gear useless and thought he was only aided by devices. A barely charged Static was left alone to confront the villain. Luckily, Lil' Romeo remembered a prior conversation and set off the studio's water sprinkler system. Leech shorted out, lost his powers all at once, and fell through the floor into a jail cell he used to imprison one of his victims. While the Metahuman Capture Division was on route to take Leech into custody, Static and Gear tied him up in a large sack. A year later, Leech was most likely cured by Dr. Todd's antidote and restored to a normal human.