Lady Lunar

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Real Identity: Stacky Macklin
Affiliation(s): Legion of Doom
Appearances: Dead Reckoning, the Great Brain Robbery and Alive!
Powers: Magnetic-based

United States astronaut, Brice Rogers orbited the moon in a space capsule propelled into space by Superman. The capsule passed through the tail of a green comet. Rogers returned to Earth. Meanwhile, Stacy Macklin, a NASA trainee, was living out her dream job. She was asked to speak at a fundraiser in Metropolis for a joint NASA-STAR Labs project aimed at establishing space colonies on the Moon. Macklin traveled with Roger's capsule and was exposed to comet radiation. She was struck by its energy when it was bathed in moonlight. Macklin developed a split personality and called herself "Lady Lunar, the high priestess of the moon goddess." Lady Lunar plotted revenge against those responsible for the threatened desecration of the Moon.