Henry Lux

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Real Identity: Henry Lux
Affiliation(s): Skye's the Limit
Appearances (TZP): Ro's Reunion
Powers/Skills: Production and Administration
Voiced By: Sam McMurray

Henry Lux works on the Skye's the Limit talk show, based in Twin Cities, Minnesota. In order to deal with constant deadlines and low return on investment, Lux stopped looking for families to reunite early on but kept it secret from the host, Skye Hoaps. Instead, Lux worked out an arrangement with foster care agent, Gwen Evans. After paying a fee, Evans would supply Lux with a new orphan and he would reunite them with a paid actor posing as their relative. In search of her brother, Ro met Lux at the KWMS vid studio's Building 43 on 3880 Lexington Way and was ushered onto the show. After Zeta and Ro uncovered the plot, Lux was fired and turned over to the police by Hoaps.