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Real Identity: Unknown
Affiliation(s): None
Appearances (TZP): Taffy Time and Lost and Found
Powers/Skills: Cybernetic Enhancements, Marksmanship, and Tracking
Voiced By: Keith Szarabajka and Richard Moll

Krick is a bounty hunter who took an interest on his latest pursuit, Zeta. After studying and tracking Zeta for two months, Krick concluded that Zeta was innocent but still intended collecting the posted reward. Krick waited until Zeta and Ro were in an isolated area before presenting himself to them. After disabling Agent Lee and West's vehicles from afar, he lured Zeta and Ro to an abandoned Cody Koala Candy Factory. Agent Lee's arrival complicated the situation but planned to kill her and pin it on Zeta. After activating the factory's security field, Krick played a game of cat and mouse with Zeta. Together, Lee and Zeta fought off Krick. In the struggle, part of Krick's face was burned. Agents Lee and West arrested Krick and took him into custody.

Months later, Krick escaped federal prison intent on getting revenge on Zeta and Ro. The duo managed to evade Krick and escape near the Ridel Bridge to Seaside Amusement Park. After Zeta reactivated, a one on one battle followed on a live roller coaster. Krick fell into a pool and was reapprehended by authorities.