Kobra Commando

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Real Identity: Unknown
Affiliation(s): Kobra
Appearances (BB): Curse of the Kobra Part One and Part Two
Skills: Infiltration, Armed and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: Dan Castellaneta

Kobra operates under a hierarchy that is broadly defined. In the Gotham nest, at least, there are elite agents referred to as Commandos. An un-named commando was assigned to be the personal bodyguard of the nest leader, Zander. The distinguishing feature of these warriors are that they deviate from standard issue clothing and choose whatever motif they wish. This commando is known for a very dynamic style, bare chested and a mohawk. He is also proficient in nunchuk weapons.

The commando was charged with stealing the R12 Thermal Bomb to complete the plot to plunge Earth into a second age ruled by reptiles. Batman intervened but was overcome by the nunchuks' electrical output. The two met again when Max Gibson was kidnapped. During a free fall, the commando disabled Batman's gliders and left him unconscious with bruises and cracked ribs. The commando wasn't so lucky on the third encounter and was knocked out in a rather interesting application of the Batsuit's grapple.