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Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances (BB): Plague, Untouchable, Curse of the Kobra Part One, Part Two and Unmasked
Appearances (SS): Future Shock
Skills: Extortion, Science, Technology, Theft and Terrorism
Voiced By: Lance Henriksen (Leader)

Kobra is a major criminal organization dealing in extortion and terrorism. They are also equipped with cutting edge technology. It is believed Kobra came out of a secret society of snake worshippers somewhere in the Himalayas. Over the years, Kobra deviated from a tight knit group to a loose affiliation of nests who occassionally takes orders from a quasi-authority, Kobra Command.

The second Batman quickly earned the animosity of Kobra. A planned credit reserve heist was botched when a member warned someone outside the organization, his brother, with a cell phone. The call was traced and Batman staked out the reserve. During the pursuit, Batman stopped to save a child from a building fire, only to reveal his identity. When this reached the news, Kobra decided to kidnap the child, Miguel Diaz, and kill Batman once and for all. With a stolen Gotham City Police Department car, Kobra took the boy and subjected him to a sensor. It read synapses and translates a person's thoughts into images. Batman found their compound through a unique locator frequency found on each police car.

Under orders from Kobra Command, a major Kobra nest carried out an extortion scheme. First, a virus was tested near the vacation getaway, Saint Denis. An agent for hire, False Face was charged with transporting the main virus sample to Gotham City, where Kobra planned to unleash it. The virus was quick spreading and would create total devastation unless a ransom of 10 million credits was paid. The virus was to be spread through new credits. At the Gotham Manufacturers Plastics, Kobra would coat the credits with the virus. As a back up plan, False Face was the unsuspecting carrier for the virus. The National Security Administration got word of the plan and recruited the Stalker to stop False Face from transporting the virus. Batman came into the fold and together stopped both Kobra and False Face.

Years ago, a major Kobra nest genetically engineered themselves the perfect leader. As the leader grew into his role, Kobra scientists worked on a way to combine DNA to create a new dominant life form. With the services of Dr. Abel Cuvier, they perfected a splicing technique via aerosol. However, once spliced, the subject couldn't survive in the current climate. They would need to initiate a chain reaction to raise the planet's temperature in order to live.

Two field agents, Makeba and Muscles, were sent to contract someone to steal three rare isotopes; alpha sterilium, beta sterilium and gamma sterilium. Each were held at Gotham University, Isotope Research Lab and Bludhaven Nuclear Facility, respectively. Together, the isotopes would create an explosive powerful enough to generate the necessary reaction. The Repeller was contracted and repeatedly encountered Batman and was eventually defeated.

A proper delivery method was still required. The explosive needed to be detonated in a rift halfway to the Earth's core. Another one of the nest's high ranking Commandos, the leader's bodyguard, was dispatched to steal a R12 Thermal Bomb, government property, from the Nova Research Center. Around the same time, it was publicly revealed that a noted palentologist, Dr. Banjahri of the Natural History Museum recovered dinosaur DNA. It was stolen by Kobra and used as the splicing ingredient.

Batman used a former classmate, Zander to locate Kobra. It turned out that Zander was the leader. Based on a telephone trace, Batman tracked Kobra to a toxic waste company, which turned out to be a giant ship. Batman and Zander's former sensei, Kairi Tanaga, confronted Kobra and disabled the ship from delivering the bomb. Zander and Tanaga perished in the ship's destruction.

Since most information is shared through a massive database, other nests soon adopted splicing methods. One such nest is in Dakota City and routinely battles with the city's veteran hero, Static. The leader was finally captured by the authorities. However, the nest set a trap for Static a week later by hacking the Shock Box. Held in a stasis field, Static was to be traded for the leader. In transit, the leader escaped and returned to his hideout, the deserted Dakota Platform 247, eager to kill Static. Batman and a time lost younger Static infiltrated the platform and saved Static, who easily dispatched the rest of the nest.

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