Killer Croc

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Real Identity: Unknown/ (Alias) Croc Morgan
Appearances (BTAS): Vendetta, Almost Got 'Im, Sideshow, Trial, Bane, Love is a Croc and Judgement Day
Appearances (BB): Terry's Friend Dates a Robot (Synthoid)
Powers: Super-strength, Some Invulnerability and Reptilian Attributes
Voiced By: Aron Kincaid/ Brooks Gardener

Croc Morgan was a sideshow attraction in a traveling circus as a freak wrestler. He was born with reptilian skin and super strength. Morgan was a passing fascination and once appeared on the Miami Times, over four years ago. Now calling himself, Killer Croc, he moved to Gotham City and tried to establish himself as a gangster. Croc was arrested by Detective Harvey Bullock for petty crime and spent two years in prison.

Killer Croc was bent on getting revenge on Bullock. Disguised as the detective, Croc busted Spider Conway and Joey the Snail out of jail, in an effort to incriminate Bullock in a previous false implication that he was connected to Rupert Thorne. Batman uncovered the ruse and discovered Croc's undersea cavern hideout. Croc escaped and made a move for Bullock. Batman intervened and confronted him in the sewers. Utilizing a flash bomb, Batman defeated Killer Croc.

Because of Killer Croc's attributes, he needed to be transferred upstate to Levitz Prison, a facility equipped to handle him indefinitely. Unfortunately, Croc escaped his restraints. Batman was present, disguised as a reporter and chased Croc through the wilderness. He escaped his pursuer and happened upon an isolated ranch owned by several ex-sideshow stars. Killer Croc regreted stealing the group's $50,000 cash box but Batman's arrival ignited his rage. Croc was re-arrested and jailed.

While awaiting transfer at Arkham Asylum, Killer Croc was one of many patients to stage a takeover and lure Batman into a trap. Croc later resurfaced as a Gotham crime boss and staged a robbery that was botched by the police and Batman. Croc escaped in the sewers but became the folly of Bane. Years after, Croc continued to mutate and became more reptilian and psychotic. While standing trial, Croc attempted to escape, only to be beaten on live television by Batman. Croc managed to win the heart of Baby Doll. Once again, Croc was being transferred to State Prison from Arkham. This time, Baby Doll staged a diversion and freed Croc. Baby Doll then began to devise strategic thefts near water, playing to Croc's advantage. Killer Croc did not share in Doll's affections for long, and secretly planned on leaving Doll and Gotham City with all their stolen loot. Doll got a whim and tried to initiate a nuclear meltdown and kill everyone. Croc was less than amused and nearly killed Doll, but Batman and Batgirl intervened.

Killer Croc remained in Gotham City's underworld dealings. Croc became involved in Penguin's trafficking network and indirectly made himself a target of the Judge.