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Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances (BB): Big Time
Skills: Theft and Close Combat
Voiced By: William H Macy

Karros operates as a high technology theif for hire. He leads a small group of criminals and stages elaborate smash and grabs. When the situation requires it, Karros fights close combat utilizing razor sharp claws. One of his known operations was with Richard Armacost of Agrichem. For 40,000 credits, Karros had to steal samples of seristone, an experimental growth hormone, from Wayne-Powers. Karros agreed to go along with Armacost's plan to use Charlie Bigelow to infiltrate the Bio-Chem Research Lab.

When the plan failed, Karros threatened Bigelow's life unless he got paid his terms. Karros confronted Armacost only to be recorded by Batman. The reveal was interrupted by a mutated Bigelow. In the battle, Karros fell several stories was arrested in guarded condition. He was transferred to County General Hospital.