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Real Identity: Karkull
Appearances (STAS): Hand of Fate
Powers: Magic
Voiced By: Ted Levine

Karkull is the seventh level Lord of the Inner Pit. It seeks to transform all life into bestial slaves. Over a century ago, Dr. Fate battled Karkull and imprisoned it within the Artifact of Lorta. In the present, the artifact was discovered and later stolen. Karkull was freed and used the thief as a host body. It decided to use the Daily Planet building as a portal to his realm.

Karkull received opposition from Metropolis' Special Crimes Unit and Superman. It summoned a spell of protection from the Lords of Chaos. A barrier encompassed all of the Planet. Out of his element, Superman attempted to get Dr. Fate's aid. He refused but his wife, Inza, supplied him with a talisman. Superman knew he had little chance but went it alone. Dr. Fate was impressed and later helped Superman defeat Karkull.