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Real Identity: Iluthin
Appearances (STAS): Tools of the Trade
Appearances (JLU): Alive!
Skills: Master of weapons and technology
Voiced By: Michael York and Robin Atkin Downes

Kanto, of the planet Apokolips, is the master assassin and an aide to Darkseid. In 1502 AD, a promising warrior named Iluthin first came to Darkseid's attention. Iluthin was taken from Granny Goodness' orphanage and banished to Rome on the planet Earth. Iluthin studied under the likes of evil men of that time such as Cesare and Lucretia Borgia.

An Apokoliptian assassin named Kanto 13 traveled to Earth with Boom Tube technology and murdered Iluthin's lover. Iluthin returned to Apokolips and defeated Kanto 13. Darkseid was so impressed that he had Kanto 13 executed and declared Iluthin was his new main assassin and renamed him Kanto.

Nearly 500 years later, Darkseid once again set his sights on the planet Earth. In his initial campaign, Darkseid sent Kanto as his emissary to the most technologically advanced city, Metropolis. Kanto presented himself to Bruno Mannheim, leader of organized crime syndicate, Intergang and briefly supplied them Apokoliptian technology. Mannheim was hesitant to accept gifts but took them anyway. He committed several petty crimes without the worry of Superman. Mannheim's alliance was soon discovered by Metropolis Police Department's Special Crimes Unit Inspector Dan Turpin. After Mannheim failed to kill Superman, Kanto left Earth. Mannheim, in desperation, fled with Kanto and became Darkseid's slave.

During Darkseid's absence, Apokolips became embroiled in a civil war. Kanto joined the side led by military officer, Virman Vunderbarr.