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Real Identity: Unknown
Affiliation(s): Ruffpack and Meta-Breed
Appearances (SS): Static Shaq, The Big Leagues, Gear, Kidnapped, and Power Outage
Powers/Skills: Kangaroo Mimicry
Voiced By: Kevin Michael Richardson

A gangmember, with a Jamaican background, was present at the Big Bang in Dakota City and was gifted with an odd super power that mimics the skills of a kangaroo and developed huge feet, giving him the strength needed to use the ability. He could jump to extraordinary heights, induce minor tremors, and kick with great strength. He took on the name Kangor and joined Hyde's Ruffpack gang. Unlike most of his peers, Kangor has common sense, a calm exterior, and deeper sense of loyalty. The Ruffpack later ran into Static again during a guitar heist. Hyde kept a piece of Static's garment and ordered Ferret to use his ability to track Static down and discover the hero's secret identity. He led the gang to Shaquille O'Neal's party and found Virgil Hawkins, despite a heavy layer of aftershave. He was arrested and arranged for a transfer to the state penitentiary. Hyde and Kangor broke him out and continued to try to track down Static. He fought them at the old Freeman Community Center with O'Neal and defeated them.

With Hyde in prison, Ferret and Kangor were recruited by the Joker. Although Kangor stayed in the gang, he resented the Joker for dousing his former comrade with Joker Toxin. Unable to retaliate, Kangor assisted in the Joker's scheme: robbing a firestation, bank, constructing a deathtrap, and kidnapping Batman and Robin. In the final battle, Batman defeated Kangor by kicking him into a barrel of oil. Months later, Kangor participated in an organized effort to extract Ebon from Metahuman Wing A at police headquarters. The Meta-Breed then kidnapped Virgil Hawkins, whom they thought was Static. Richie Foley put on a disguise and armed himself to free Hawkins. Foley managed to defeat most of the Breed, and took out Kangor with a Zap Cap. About a year later, Robert Hawkins was kidnapped by Puff and Onyx. Unable to locate them, Static began interrogating any Bang Baby he could find. Kangor was first but he admitted he never heard from the duo in weeks.

A short time later, Kangor partnered with Ferret to rob a store. During the robbery, Kangor reacted to Dr. Todd's antidote and lost his powers. Kangor was only the first in this mass exposure and a catalyst to Ebon crafting a plan to get his power back.