Albrecht Krieger

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Real Identity: Albrecht Krieger
Affiliation(s): The Nazi Party
Appearances (JLU): Patriot Act
Skills: Military Training
Voiced By: Not Applicable

In the final days of World War II, Adolf Hitler began to turn to unconventional solutions to defeat the Allied Powers including the mystic arts and super science. One soldier, Albrecht Krieger, volunteered to take part in his father's greatest creation, that of Project Captain Nazi. In 1944, Krieger was to be injected with the Formula and serve the Third Reich. However, Spy Smasher infiltrated the castle laboratory and a battle erupted. Still bound, Krieger attempted to hold down Smasher while the others beat on him. Spy Smasher secured the Formula and escaped as the castle caught on fire from barrels of Benzene. The Krieger's were assumed dead.