The Justice Lords

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In an alternate reality, there is a superhero team similar to the Justice League, however, they call themselves the Justice Lords. After the unexplained death of their Flash, the Lords slowly became unhinged. The final straw was the presidency of Lex Luthor. When his latest plan failed, the trio of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman stormed the White House. Superman confronted Luthor alone. Threatening to activate silos of weapons, Luthor managed to stir Superman and force him to cross the line and kill Luthor.

Over a period of two years, the Justice Lords imposed a totalitarian authority over the Earth in order to preserve peace. Besides costume changes and outfitting the Watchtower, the Lords presided over every matter at and acted swiftly. The people of Earth lived in fear of the Justice Lords.

The Batman successfully created a dimensional gateway to the Justice League reality and the Lords ultimately decided to act and help prevent the same tragedies from occurring in the League reality. After tricking and imprisoning the League, the Lords minus Batman traveled to the League reality where they fought Doomsday. Meanwhile, the League managed to escape and the Lords' Batman decided to allow the Justice League to return home.

The League engineered a false jail break at Stryker's Prison by Luthor to lure the Justice Lords from the Watchtower. Then as part of the plan, Superman utilized Luthor's Power Disruptor device in exchange for a full pardon. But Superman had to explain the situation in detail to the government. And Superman also handed over a video tape of the Justice Lords' Superman killing President Luthor given by the Lords' Batman. The recording later arrived in the Cadmus' files only to be heavily scrutinized and influenced Cadmus' actions to build up a defense against the League. With the Lords' powers effectively neutralized, they were normal humans in comparison and were taken away to a maximum security complex, presumably.

The legacy of the Justice Lords lived on in the minds of the US federal government and the upper echelon of the Justice League Unlimited especially Batman and Superman. Despite attempts to prevent a similar event, in principle, the JLU reflected the Lords' actions; a Watchtower armed with a weapon of mass destruction, a proactive super hero army and the loss of public support.

When the union of Lex Luthor and Brainiac readied themselves to assimilate the entire Earth in one shot, the Justice League's original members arrived. Luthor and Brainiac created nano-copies of the Justice Lords to fight the core seven. With Luthor's personality, he manifested the seven's fears and troubles into these copies. However, they originals overcame their counterparts and they were destroyed.


Real Identity: Bruce Wayne
Appearances: A Better World Part One, Part Two and Divided We Fall
Skills: Same as the Batman

Sometime after Luthor's assassination, the Lords' Batman stopped taking an active part in the Justice Lords' affairs. Instead, he dedicated himself to cleaning up Gotham City full-time. He did so on a smaller scale than what the Lords did. Anyone that spoke out in the least was arrested on the spot.

However, as time passed, Gotham was fully suppressed and the Batman began to tinker alone. He managed to create a dimensional gateway and watched the Justice League in action. He called in the other Lords and together, they decided to help the League. The Batman stayed behind to monitor the League. Being Batman, he out thought the other Batman. However, he couldn't anticipate the Flash. The Flash sped up his heartbeat to a point where the machines could not detect it and a false lack of pulse showed up. The Batman rushed to the Flash and he played possum until the chance presented itself and the Flash knocked the Batman out and helped free the everyone.

The two Batman's confronted each other in the Lords' Batcave. The Lords' Batman appealed to Batman when he revealed his intention to create a world where a pointless murder would never occur again. The Lords' Batman then decided to allow the League to return home. What happened to or what the Lords' Batman did afterwards is unknown.


Real Identity: Wally West
Appearances: Divided We Fall
Skills: Same as the Flash

In the Justice Lord's universe, their Flash was dead. This death unhinged the Lords and slowly built them up to their takeover of Earth. The Justice League's Flash believed this would be the same case on Earth but at the same time resented how his team mates shielded him from activity as a League founder.

Green Lantern

Real Identity: John Stewart
Appearances: A Better World Part One, Part Two and Divided We Fall
Skills: Same as Green Lanterns

Still sporting the Green Lantern Corps' power ring, John Stewart, however, wears a radical redesign of the costume inferring that he broke away from the Corps and the Guardians of the Universe. His ring constructs, at times, reflect his shift towards the willingness to kill with sharper and deadlier formations. Stewart appeared to easily transition from a combination of his military background and a rough childhood that originated repressed fears of survival.


Real Identity: Shayera Hol
Appearances: A Better World Part One, Part Two and Divided We Fall
Skills: Same as Hawkgirl

With a new costume, color-wise, Hawkgirl's feelings have changed. Though her military training makes her an adept killer; the shift from bright, optimistic colors yellow, red and green to a more subdued brown shows an internal struggle nonetheless. Hawkgirl once stated to Green Lantern that even she felt a nostalgia for the earlier days of the Justice Lords. The duo are actively involved with each other, contrasting the subtleness the League's Green Lantern and Hawkgirl shared before the Thanagarians invaded.

J'onn J'onnz

Real Identity: J'onn J'onzz
Appearances: A Better World Part One, Part Two and Divided We Fall
Powers: Same as J'onn

After the assassination of Lex Luthor, J'onn took a more administrative role for the Justice Lords. The Watchtower became filled with human technical support who aided J'onn in monitoring the Earth. Due to J'onn's sincerity, the Lords had J'onn initially travel to the League reality and lie to them about the universes collapsing onto each other to get the League into falling into a trap. The League's J'onn shares a role ironically similar to the Lords' in the Justice League Unlimited.


Real Identity: Clark Kent/ Kal-El
Appearances: A Better World Part One, Part Two and Divided We Fall
Powers: Same as Superman

Superman tolerated the election of Lex Luthor to the presidency but after he failed another plan, Superman decided to act. Along with Batman and Wonder Woman, Superman stormed the White House and confronted Luthor alone. Luthor refused to surrender and arrogantly stated he knew all too well he would find a way to escape prosecution. And he called Superman his 'greatest accomplice' for effectively perpetrating a circle chase between the two that never resolved itself. Superman came to a realization and killed Luthor with his heat vision.

During a period of two years, Superman used his heat vision to lobotomize all of Earth's criminals and super villains. All of them were reduced to harmless, walking vegetables and peacefully inhabited the world's prisons like Arkham Asylum in Gotham City. Like the Justice League Superman, the Lords' Superman employs numerous robot drones, that resemble him, when he is not on Earth as a safety precaution.

With the suppression of free press and the world's governments, Superman often faced the instigation of former Daily Planet reporter Lois Lane and the current President of the United States. Superman constantly assured them that the Lords' authority was a temporary measure.

Wonder Woman

Real Identity: Diana
Appearances (JL/U): A Better World Part One, A Better World Part Two and Divided We Fall
Appearances (JLI Comics): The Mirror Crack'd Part Two
Powers: Same as Wonder Woman

Of the three, Wonder Woman was the most visibly shaken by Superman's choice to kill Lex Luthor. Diana's origins in an isolated society of immortals, perhaps was the cause. With a new costume, it is inferred that Diana renounced her Amazonian heritage, since such a lifestyle directly conflicted with the Justice Lords' new brand of justice. However, she still shares some level of compassion for humans. When the Lords confronted Doomsday, Diana saved a train from falling off the rail. Despite that she is still willing to kill, even the League's Batman.