The Jokerz

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Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances (BB): Rebirth Part One, Blackout, Golem, The Winning Edge, Joyride, Hidden Agenda, Bloodsport, Once Burned, Ace in the Hole, Curse of the Kobra Part One, Countdown and Return of the Joker
Appearances (SS): Future Shock
Appearances (JLU): The Once and Future Thing Part One and Part Two
Skills: Hand to Hand Fighting, Theft and Weaponry

50 years into the future, the sight of multiple Joker look-alikes roaming the streets of Gotham City is common. Legions of runaways, orphans and delinquents live underground as a collective fashioned after the late criminal psychopath, the Joker. Several have gone as fat to incorporate the motif of innocent looking weapons that conceal weaponry such as nitric acid hidden in gag flowers. Others prefer basic weapons of the club or chain variety. The Jokerz take part in petty crime; tagging walls with graffiti, theft and terrorizing Gothamites. The more industrious take part in high technology fencing and illegal gun running.

The Jokerz would be a force to be reckoned with, numbering at 9453, but their lack of organization and leadership fracture them into smaller groups of six to eight. Only a handful of Jokerz bother to lead. They go unchecked, occassionally arrested by the Gotham City Police Department. Their only threats are Batman and a rival street gang, the T's.

In the hyper timeline, in which Chronos ruled, the Jokerz were employed as his enforcers. In exchange for performing occassional security detail, the Jokerz were outfitted with future technology and organized them into 200 smaller groups. As Chronos' first act, he commanded the Jokerz to decimate the Justice League Unlimited to a mere three members. When equilibrium was re-established, the Jokerz reverted to status quo along with everyone else.

While teamed up with a time lost Static, Batman donned his civilian gear to meet with an informant who might have a lead on Kobra. When the contact didn't arrive, Static claimed he found a second. It turned out to be a trap set up by Jokerz. The duo easily defeated the dozen or so, but McGinnis was frustrated with a lack of progress and having to work with someone.

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