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Real Identity: Joey
Appearances (STAS): A Little Piece of Home
Skills: Boxing and Theft
Voiced By: Tom Wilson

Joey is a known muscle for hire in the underground circuit. However, Joey professionally bowed out of taking any contracts based in Metropolis. He would have nothing to do with Superman. Despite this requisite, Joey was approached by Lex Luthor. The deal was sealed when Luthor revealed he possessed an object that would weaken Superman.

To lure Superman out, Joey and two henchmen staged a daring theft of treasury plates being delivered to Metropolis District Office's Commissioner Jones. A high speed aerial chase followed. Joey led Superman to a construction site of the Luthor Waterfront Towers, where the Kryptonite lay. Upon viewing Superman's reaction, Joey's arrogance elevated and he began to pummel Superman out of range of the Kryptonite. Superman gathered what little strength he had left and hurled himself and Joey into the river below.