Invisible Man

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Real Identity: Lloyd Ventris
Appearances (BTAS): See No Evil
Powers/Skills: Theft and Invisibility
Voiced by: Unknown

Lloyd Ventris was arrested and served time for stealing from a gas station. Ventris' estranged wife, Helen put a restraining order on him to protect their daughter. Ventris became obsessed with proving himself as a reformed man. He found a job at Wayne Tech Optical Research Lab as an errand boy.

After the death of a lead researcher, Ventris took advantage of a chance to steal an experimental plastic. It was dubbed a 'cloak of invisibility.' Dealing with light refraction, the plastic was embedded with filaments. When an electrical current is applied, light is bent and the plastic turns invisible. However, the plastic was never perfected and it had toxic side effects.

Ventris began to conduct high end thefts of items like jewelry and wrist watches. While fencing most of them, Ventris kept some for himself and gave them to his daughter, Kimberly. Ventris doubled as an invisible friend named Mojo in order to spend time with Kimberly. Helen Ventris planned to move out of Gotham and far from Ventris. He made a move to take Kimberly. The M.O. of the thefts led Batman to the Optical Research Lab then straight to Helen Ventris. Batman overcame Ventris and returned Kimberly to her mother.