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Real Identity: Unknown
Affiliation(s): Inequity Collective
Appearances (BB): Blackout, Disappearing Inque, Inqueling and the Call Part One
Appearances (JLU): Epilogue
Powers: Polymorphing
Voiced By: Shannon Kelly

About two decades ago, a woman gave up her baby and volunteered to take part in a mutagenic experiment. The experiment gave her power at the cost of normal human physiology. Her body was mutated into a semi-liquid state resembling black ink. Calling herself Inque, she offered her services as a corporate saboteur to the highest bidder. Inque would always contact her clients after the hire, never the other way around. With her money, she set up a trust fund for her daughter. Since then, Inque was pursued by Interpol for years.

Inque was contracted by Derek Powers to attack Foxtecha divisions. Both Foxtecha and Wayne-Powers were up for a contract with the government to build a lunar base. When Batman began to interfere, Powers additionally contracted her to kill Batman and his mysterious partner. Inque stowed away on the Batmobile and infiltrated the Batcave. Bruce Wayne concealed his face with a Gray Ghost mask and used the Freeze Gun to defeat Inque. The frozen Inque was turned over to the Gotham City Police Department. They then contracted Gotham Cyrogenics to handle her indefinite imprisonment.

About six months later, Aaron Herbst, an ex-employee who fell in love with Inque, freed her. Her human DNA was damaged from being frozen so she needed an accomplice. With Herbst, Inque broke into Fulton Labs to steal components for mutagen. Batman tried to stop them but was captured and held hostage at Gotham Hills Arena. As payment, Inque mutated Herbst but with only half the treatment required. Bruce Wayne arrived with the prototype Batsuit. In the struggle, Batman was freed and Inque was washed away in a rainstorm.

Some time later, Inque resurfaced at a launch site. She was hired to sabotage Shimano Industries' billion dollar satellite project. Her client, Shimano CEO, Mr. Wenchill would get a massive insurance payoff. However, Wenchill went back on his contract and used a particle destabalizer gun on her. She suffered near fatal cellular damage and needed more mutagen. Inque appealed to her estranged daughter, Deanna Clay, with a huge payoff. Clay broke into Gotham Genetics and secretly spiked the mutagen with solvent. The police collected her residue but it soon disappeared.

Soon after, Inque was hired by a terrorist organization to steal a prototype battle pod from the US Military Research and Development facility in Gotham. Batman gave chase and ended up at the zoo. She attempted to get away by threatening an innocent bystander who turned out to be Superman.