Injustice Gang

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After being diagnosed with Kryptonite-induced cancer, Luthor plotted revenge against Superman and the Justice League. Luthor convinced a fellow prisoner in Stryker's Prison, Ultra-Humanite to join his group. Luthor lured several super-villains to an abandoned building in Metropolis and hired them to destroy the League. The super villains did not share in Luthor's desire for revenge but more for the payoff. The first Injustice Gang failed for this reason.

The second Injustice Gang was founded by the adopted Amazon, Aresia. She, too, gathered the supervillains together with the lure of riches. However, she secretly planned to use the valuables they stole as ingredients for an agent that would wipe out the males of the world. Aresia's goal fell short of her rescruits and she died in the aftermath.

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