Infiltration Unit 7

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Real Identity: Infiltration Unit 7
Affiliation(s): National Security Agency
Appearances (TZP): The Next Gen, Shadows, and Resume Mission
Powers/Skills: Superhuman Attributes, Technological Aptitude, Armed and Unarmed Combat, Tactical Training and Holographic Emission
Voiced By: Diedrich Bader

The IU-7 is an infiltration unit programmed by the US government to replace and destroy designated targets. Believed to be next in line after the model named Zeta, the IU-7 lacks Dr. Selig's conscience module but sports enhanced dual-mounted grenade launchers and an onboard seeker missile. Its latest mission was to seek out Roland DeFleures, an international arms dealer. However, Zeta intercepted the dossier download under contact code eota epsilon seven and decided to intervene. Around the same time, Bucky Buenventura hacked into a secure NSA site and downloaded IU-7's schematics. Determined to place it under his Inductance Controller, Buenventura enlisted Zeta and Ro's help as they boarded a flight to DeFleure's island, San Palago.

Meanwhile, the IU-7 shipped itself to San Palago and stormed DeFleures' compound. Both Buenventura's controller and Zeta's command codes were ineffective. Instead, it was blown up with DeFleures' weapons stockpile. However, it survived and upon finding its data files corrupted, the IU-7 reconstructed its memory and concluded the target was Zeta. After landing at an airport near Diamond Springs, IU-7 searched the passenger database for Zeta and tracked footprints to Central Mall. It impersonated Zeta's human form and followed Ro until the real Zeta appeared. A firefight followed and Ro suffered a mild concussion. Upon hearing Ro was taken to Arlington Mercy Hospital, the unit went there and tried to destroy Zeta again, only to encounter Batman. They trapped IU-7 in the Ultra MRI room and dismantled it.

A year later, the hospital donated the parts to any one interested. A local mechanic, Mr. Foley, accepted it for his son who was interested in computers. Upon running a diagnostic on the IU-7's memory chip, it began to reconstruct itself again. Zeta happened to notice a flurry of shipments needed by IU-7 and traced them to Strate B, Sector 199-H, Zone 4. Following a disturbance, the IU-7 barricaded itself and the boy in his home while the police surrounded it. The final part, a plasma cannon, was rerouted to an alternate address, Diamond Springs Body Shop. In the final battle, Zeta pulled the memory chip from IU-7 and deactivated it. Agent Lee and a team arrived to confiscate the unit.