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Real Identity: Icthultu
Appearance: The Terror Beyond Part One and Part Two
Powers: Near Omnipotence
Voiced by: Rob Zombie

An extra-dimensional being belonging to a race called the Old Ones composed entirely of evil energies. Icthulthu sought to establish itself in our universe by indirect means, establishing a legion or worshippers. Centuries ago, it gave the proto-Thanagarians their civilization; culture, mathematics, agriculture, etc. But over time, the Thanagarians realized they no longer needed it and banished it. Later, it reappeared on Earth. The, then King of Atlantis, Poseidon fashioned a trident imbued with the Earth's magic and was able to seal Icthulthu in its own dimension but at the cost of Atlantis sinking into the ocean. Many circles postulate that Icthulthu or rather its Lovecratian influence, Cthulthu to be either a god, alien or demon.