Simon Harper

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Real Identity: Simon Harper
Appearances (BB): Sentries of the Lost Cosmos
Skills: Electronics
Voiced By: Tristan Rogers

Simon Harper produced Eldon Michaels' "Sentries of the Lost Cosmos" video game. Harper went back on the contract and took all the credit for creating the game and profited heavily. He assumed control of Sentrycroft and resided at a private estate.

With Michaels' lawsuit pending, Harper invited high scoring players of the game to his estate and brainwashed them into becoming his personal sentries to stop the game's villains, the Dark Regents, led by Eldon Michaels. He first sent the sentries to the Hall of Records to destroy the original contract. After an encounter with Batman, Harper was undaunted and sent them to kidnap Michaels and bring him to his estate. Harper was defeated and Michaels found himself with three devoted fans.